Golu Contest 2018

Rules for the Golu competition

  • Take a short 3-5 minute video of your Golu and upload it to Youtube. Duration of the video should not exceed 5 mins
  • You can add description of your Golu as text/ subtitles/ background voice over in the video. It can be in English or Tamil
  • Do not add your personal pictures or references in the video
  • After uploading the video to Youtube, please ensure you give permission to view and save the link

Note: Please have the Youtube link before proceeding to the next step

Registration Process

  • Once the Youtube link is ready, please visit www.bharatitamilsangam.org and click on the Golu 2018 banner to come back to this page
  • On this page, click “Register Now” and follow the process to pay the registration fees (you will be taken to the PayPal site to make the payment of $15 + $1.5 service charge = total $16.50, you can pay using PayPal account or debit/credit card)
  • Once the payment is done successfully, please click on “Return to Merchant”
  • You will be now directed to a Google form for entering your details (Note: You need to first login to your Google account to enter the details on the form)
  • Please fill in the details (you will be asked for the youtube link here) and submit the form. You should get a thank you message and a confirmation email.

General Rules

  • Only one submission per payment and per category is allowed
  • You cannot cancel your submission or request a payment refund once the submission is completed
  • If you want to edit your submission please write to [email protected]
  • Last date to submit your entry for this Golu 2018 competition is 26-Oct-2018 23:59 PST
  • Failure to follow the above mentioned rules will result in disqualification of your submission
  • Judges decision is final. Your Golu will be judged based on following aspects
    1. Creativity – How creative the golu is ?
    2. Culture – Is tradition hand in hand with creativity?
    3. Category – Does golu fits well under the category submitted?
    4. Captivating – Over all presentation and the way it is organized
  • Winners will be announced early November 2018
  • For any questions please write to [email protected] OR contact Gowri Seshadri at 510-789-7890

Our best wishes and a very Happy Navaratri !!!