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Bharati Tamil Sangam & Shastha Foods
Jointly Presents 2020 Navarathri Golu Competition

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Bharati Tamil Sangam (BATS) holds in high regard the rich cultural heritage of India, adhering to Hindu culture and dharmic traditions. For many years, BATS has been conducting various cultural events and celebrating Hindu festivals besides actively serving and supporting the local community and the people in need.

Navrathiri is around the corner. As you all know, BATS has been conducting Golu competition for several years and is happy to announce the 2023 Golu Competition with our key sponsor Shashta Foods.

We invite you all to register and participate in this Golu competition. Please use this link to register today.

  1. Debutant Golu – For our first time debutants.
  2. Classic Golu – As the name suggests, a Classic golu could come in all form and shapes yet simple, and is arranged as per the traditions with steps ranging from 1 to 11 in odd numbers
  3. Grand Golu – For the experts and experienced, who have been showcasing Golu in a very elaborate & grand fashion.
  4. Thematic Golu – Unleash your creativity and present an interesting ‘theme’ in your Golu.
  5. Kids Special Exhibit – BATS strongly encourages kids to join the festivities. We welcome kids enthusiastically participating and showcasing their Golus.

A family can submit their entries in more than one category. For those who choose to compete under more than one category, should register separately under each category.

The registration is $10. Upon successful registration, you will receive an email acknowledging your registration details.

Video: We recommend to keep the length of the videos from 5-7 mins max. Please upload the video in the YouTube and share the link with us via email. Email address is [email protected]

Please also follow us on Facebook for regular announcements and updates about the competition.

BATS calls upon everyone to come together; preserve; continue our culture, traditions and values. Let us celebrate Navrathiri and Golu with the highest spirits.

For any queries contact Bharati Tamil Sangam,
[email protected],
Syamala Raghuram – +1 (408) 510-2975

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